Compostable Bags

We have all heard that plastic bags are not good for the environment from the media, friends, family, and from almost everyone. No matter what our stance on the issue of plastic bags might be, compostable bags may be a good asset to your company by creating a positive image. It would be a wise move to invest in compostable bags to help curate your business’ image for the market.

Not only does it make your business look good to enviro-friendly customers, but it also gives you yet another angle to market your store. Whether your “green-friendly” customers are mentioning by word-of-mouth that your shop offers compostable bags or you just happen to mention it on social media, without a doubt offering these bags will draw attention and sales.

At ANS Plastics you’ve come to the right place to purchase compostable plastic bags. With 50 years of experience,  ANS offers some of the best plastic bags available on the market with all the features you could want.

Create the Perfect Compostable Bags for Your Purpose                             

Finding a plastic bag manufacturer that offers a wide variety of choices and great prices is not an easy task, and ANS works hard to offer both. By wholesaling their bags and customizing them, they give customers everything they could want from a bag.

Superior Quality

To start with, ANS Plastics provides quality compostable plastic bags for grocery stores, shopping centers and more. Unlike compostable bags offered by other manufactures, our bags offer steady durability which is not expected with this type of bag. Our customers are always surprised how tough our compostable bags are when put up to the test of heavy use when they compare it to their experience with other “green” products.

Price Matching

ANS Plastic Corp. doesn’t just promise the lowest price, but they offer price matching to all of their customers. This means if you find wholesale plastic bags for a lower price anywhere, they will match the price. After 50 years in the business world, ANS plastic understands every penny counts to run a successful business. That is why they care enough to offer the best prices in the industry to their customers.

Ready to Order Yet?

If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to contact ANS Plastics for more information. We are always more than willing to answer any questions you may have regarding  plastic bags. Whether your order is big or small, we want to create the best compostable plastic bags possible to help boost your bottom line.