Di-Cut Bags

Offering your Customers Three Invaluable Gifts.

The search for a high-quality merchandise bag is a seemingly small detail of a business, but as most business owners know, it is an imperative way of insuring customer satisfaction. ANS Plastics spent 50 years establishing a brand of integrity by offering businesses around the world with premium plastic bags like our new top of the line addition die-cut bags. Our wholesale die-cut bags offer a quality difficult to beat with fantastic prices that beat out all of our competition, and if they don’t, we offer a price-match deal. Part of how we stayed in business so long is not only offering a quality product, but we also know the value of competitive pricing.

Die-cut bags, as well as door nob bags are among the newest favorite plastic merchandise bags we offer here at ANS. We love them, businesses love them and, most importantly, customers love them. Here is exactly what die-cut bags offer your customer base.

90% of Customers Reuse Our Bags

These bags do more than just provide a practical storage place as customers carry to and fro from the store back to home, but customers reuse the bags for a multitude of purposes. Some customers use these bags as lunch bags, decorations and more. Customers re-use plastic bags for very practical purposes, and customers do truly appreciate the convenience of these extra bags tucked away in drawers, pantries and bins in their homes.

Di-Cut Bags with Handle Bags are Super Convenient

These types of bags offer customers an ergonomic way to carry merchandise from the store to the car. Customers love the fact that on top of whatever they’re purchasing at the store, they also get an awesome plastic die-cut bag out of the deal.  On top of that, die-cut bags add a handle that makes their re-usability helpful, because the convenience of a sturdy handle on a bag does not disappear after the first use. The handle makes it easy to haul things like drinks, lunches and gifts from location to location.  

It Potentially  Reaches Out to 65% of Your Customer Base

If you opt to customize your merchandise bags with a logo, you are reaching out to 65% of the visual learners out there. When people cater to the visual learners via a logo, they are establishing a memorable brand in their customers mind. This sort of brand recognition is important to growing businesses looking to expand their customer base. As a bonus, whenever the customer re-uses the bag this is also another chance for a free advertisement opportunity from the small investment you made in your custom plastic bags. 

Once you’ve figured out your order, please feel free to contact us with any of your plastic bag needs. No matter how many or how few plastic merchandise bags your small business needs, ANS Plastic has you covered.  Each individual order is tailored to the needs of the customer, so just let us know specifically what you need from your die-cut bag.