Dollar store and gift bags are available for businesses.

Top Quality Shopping Bags, Great prices, excellent service, available in custom colors and sizes, great lead time…

dollar store gift bags
  • 5000 bags and up
  • Recommended Size: 12 x 7 x 22
  • 16 Micron
  • Pack 500 / Case
  • Our Dollar Store bags are strong and durable, good for all your Shopping needs
  • Custom print your logo on the bags
  • Have your store name as a walking advertisement
  • Add coupons on your bags
  • Have your vendor advertise on your bags to share the cost
  • Free Setup and Artwork
  • Just pay for printing plates One Time Fee
  • Factory Direct



A.N.S. Plastics Corporation Manufactures High Quality Bags for Dollar Stores.

Having been in business for 50 years, A.N.S Plastics Corporation is a premier manufacturer of plastic bags that distributes plastic grocery bags. Over those 50 years, A.N.S. Plastics Corporation has expanded its product line and now produces shopping bags that are eco friendly. The company, which also provides environmentally friendly bags to fast food chains, companies and organizations, also provides bags to dollar stores.

 A.N.S. Plastics Corporation will manufacture bags for dollar stores donning a company’s logo. Bags that are provided to dollar stores can also feature store coupons. The company recommends that customers purchase bags that are the size of 12 x 7 x 22. Customers only pay for the cost of printing, and this is a one time fee. All dollar store bags are factory direct. Dollar store shopping bags provided by the company are strong and durable, making them great for all your business needs. Artwork creation and setup are free.

The company is a distributor, marketer and supplier of a wide variety of commercial shopping bags. A.N.S. manufactures these bags and distributes these to dollar stores, like the Dollar Tree. Bags designed by this company are lightweight and don’t use a lot of plastic for their design. Bags that are manufactured by A.N.S. come in a wide variety of sizes, prints and colors.

As a manufacturer of a wide variety of retail and commercial bags, A.N.S Plastics Corporation provides services to butcher shops and meat stores, as well as sub sandwich bags. Sub sandwich bags are grease proof, freezer safe and easily loadable. ANS also provides “custom-printed t-shirt shopping bags” and wholesale shopping bags. A.N.S. Plastics Corporation offers superb prices, great service and high quality shopping bags. You can purchase bulk packages of bags directly from the A.N.S. Plastic Corporation’s website.

In addition to manufacturing bags for dollar stores, the company also manufactures bags for restaurants and diners. For your bulky items when you go shopping, we have the big and durable Jumbo plastic bags to carry your heavy load. A.N.S. Plastics is a manufacturer of plastic bio bags. Bio bags are biodegradable plastic bags that are not harmful to the environment. Bio bags manufactured by A.N.S. Plastics are green in color and do not harm vegetation that lives in the environment. ANS Plastics Corporation supplies bio bags to businesses, food chains, organic shops, retailers and organizations.

The diversity in plastic products sold by ANS Plastics offers businesses a variety of choices, for those who want to purchase plastic bags. ANS Plastics Corporation also manufactures bags for liquor stores. On the ANS website, you can request a custom bag quote. You can order as many as 5,000 bags, and buyers can choose the color they want their bags to be. One bag can have a different color on both sides of the bag. You can also choose the size you want your logo to be. Jumbo bags are also available, please see here.