Door Knob Bags

Looking for wholesale door knob bags for your business or organization? Then you need look no further than A.N.S. Plastics. They provide top notch plastic bags to companies around the world.

Many businesses use the tried and true method of door to door campaigning with the use of this type of bag. It makes it easy for customers to access the information they want with a tangible piece of paper they can keep on file. There is just something about having a publication, flier or advertisement delivered right to your door that makes people feel connected locally to the delivering party. High quality plastic bags allow customers to reach down into their door to open into a realm of useful information.

A.N.S. Plastics Corporation carries a wide variety of door knob bags, newspaper bags and other merchandise bags with the option for custom printing.

A.N.S. Plastics Helps Businesses Advertise

With nearly a half a century of experience in the plastic business industry, A.N.S. has helped countless businesses grow via their bags. They know that advertising is an important component of expanding any business, and that is why they offer extensive services at affordable prices.  Using customization services, they help many brands grow their brand by printing logos on merchandise bags. Also, they offer frequent specials for businesses on a tight budget.

In recent years, since the no-call lists limited business’ capacity to advertise remotely, many businesses are turning to door to door sales. A.N.S. Plastic bags help businesses to advertise in a professional way that is easily accessible to customers.  As soon as they arrive at their door they are greeted with information that could potentially lead to a sale for the business. Yet, if the customer is not interested of the ad, then he can just keep it for now and refer back to it in the future when he finds a need for it. It is convenient to the customer and the business so everyone wins!

Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags Available

If you are a brand concerned with the impact plastic bags may have on the environment then A.N.S. Plastic provides eco-friendly options. We offer recyclable and biodegradable bags that help to address the concerns many have about the abundance of plastic bags.  Since all of the bags are marked by the distinctive fact they are actually made of eco-friendly materials, you customers will know your company name is trying to make a positive difference. As it turns out, going green will not only help the environment, but it will also boost your sales.

However, due to the high quality nature of these bags, customers wouldn’t guess they were eco-friendly by the material. Often eco-friendly materials can be flimsier when compared to alternative options, but this is not the case with A.N.S. Plastics products.  All of their eco-friendly bags are sturdy and durable. The only think that marks them different is the eco-friendly labels on the bags.


Beyond just providing the best plastic bags out there, A.N.S. Plastic will price-match any of your competitors out there. If you are ready to invest in some plastic merchandise bags for your company then contact A.N.S. Plastic for more details.