Environmentally-Friendly Butcher Bags


Many companies today are well aware of the benefits of “going green.” Having eco-conscious practices makes good business sense and sends a positive message to your customers. Using environmentally-friendly butcher bags is one easy way to “go green.”

Using plastic bags is a fact of life for many butcher shops. Many cuts of meat are difficult to wrap and transport effectively. By placing a customer’s selections in a strong, handled butcher bag, a shop can facilitate easy carry. Plastic bags protect meat products from airborne contaminants, and prevent spoilage. Without question, packaging meat purchases in a sturdy butcher bag offers many advantages to your customers.

When seeking butcher bag suppliers, you should look for a company that gives you environmentally-friendly choices. At A.N.S. Plastics Corp we do offer biodegradable butcher bags for your business. These quality bags are different from typical commercial butcher bags.

Unlike conventional bags, biodegradable butcher bags can be broken down by microorganisms to water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. In an anaerobic environment, such as a landfill, biodegradable bags can release methane gas. In most U.S. landfills, methane gas is captured and used as a clean and efficient energy source. Using biodegradable bags at your butcher shop sends a clear message to consumers that you support sustainable and earth-friendly living.

When you purchase biodegradable bags from butcher bag suppliers, you can feel good about doing your part to help the environment. Today, conventional plastic bags take up significant landfill space. In addition, traditional plastic bags from butcher shops are very light. As a result, they can blow away easily and end up in the countryside or woods.

A traditional butcher bag can take a long time to degrade and release dangerous petrochemicals into the environment. Choosing environmentally-safe, biodegradable bags for your butcher operation ensures that any stray bags can degrade naturally through the actions of common microorganisms.

The best way to determine if eco-friendly bags are right for your business is to contact butcher bag suppliers, such as A.N.S. Plastics Corp. Do you want custom printed plastic grocery bags? If so, contact us. We have strong expertise in supplying commercial packaging and can advise you on how to include biodegradable bags in your eco-conscious butcher business strategy.

Since you need plastic bags to run your butcher operation, you can send a strong, positive message to your customers by selecting environmentally-friendly options. If you offer organic meats or other natural products, offering customers a biodegradable butcher bag further underscores your commitment to sustainable living.

At A.N.S. Plastics Corp, we are one of the top butcher bag suppliers and possess a deep commitment to serving our customers. When you contact us, you can consult with a member of our expert team to discuss your business needs and establish the quantity and production schedule you require. We supply butcher bags to many companies throughout the U.S. Let A.N.S. Plastics Corp put our decades of deep and specific experience to work for your organization. We can supply you with biodegradable bags that serve your needs and signal your environmental commitment to your customers and your community.