Plastic Shopping Bags Products

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Custom Takeaway Bakery Bags – These custom takeaway bags are great for shops like bakeries or patisseries where people frequent. The shopping bags we produce are reusable and are perfect for printing your business’ logo so that more people will know about your business. Bakery T-Shirt Bags
Butcher Shop and Meat Store Plastic Shopping Bags – Using plastics that are safe for food products; butcher shops and meat stores inevitably need plastic shopping bags. The plastic shopping bags used for these shops must not affect the food products that it will hold. Butcher Shop T-Shirt Bags
Diners and Restaurant Plastic Bags – Diners and restaurants need custom plastic shopping bags for takeaway goods. You can print your company name or logo in the T-shirt bags or polysacks so that you can advertise your business while keeping your customers satisfied. When Customer goes home the plastic bags have the name and phone number on it for another use If you have a coupon on the bags for a takeout order, this is your pay back for the bags. Restaurant T-Shirt Bags
Dollar Store Reusable Shopping Bags – it is important that dollar store bags are reusable. Why? Not only does it save our mother earth, it also makes way for an opportunity to maximize the advertising efforts of a business. Dollar Store T-Shirt Bags
Jumbo Plastic Shopping Bags – We offer jumbo or XL plastic T-bags which are necessary for shops like toy stores, appliance centers or any other merchandise business that carry large items.
Liquor Plastic Shopping Bags – Liquor shops need custom shopping bags because liquor bottles have specific shapes and sizes that have to be supported for their breakable property. We offer t-shirt bags that will support a liquor bottle’s shape and size. liquor special 2-3-13
Sub Sandwich Plastic Bags – Especially made for sandwiches of different sizes, we offer custom sandwich plastic bags that are made from materials that can hold edible goods. sub-sandwich-bags
Thank You Bags – Thank you bags are perfect for general use. We can print your message or artwork at any order quantity. thankyou

Stock Products – We have various stock products that you can avail. Just contact us to check our inventory and we’ll be happy to assist you with your queries. Purchase your custom plastic shopping bags now at ANS Plastics from a reputable plastic bag manufacturer and you won’t regret making that move. Call or email us for more information on custom plastic bags.