Sub Sandwich Bags


  • Easily Loadable
  • Freezer Safe
  • Grease Proof


Sandwiches; we all love them don’t we? Who would have thought when The Fourth Earl of Sandwich asked his maid to put some meat between slices of bread way back in November 1762 that it would have become the worldwide phenomenon that it is today? No matter what shape or size or filling our sandwiches come with, the truth is we all love them. But when you are at the deli looking for something to eat during your busy work day, have you ever given a thought to the bags which your sub sandwiches are placed into?

Sub Sandwich Bags

ANS Plastics are proud to showcase a superb selection of plastic bags for sub sandwiches; these can be customised to suit your specific needs. Why not use your sub sandwich bags as a form of advertising? This is a relatively cheap and easy way of getting your name more widely distributed.

Many women go home with lots of pieces of paper, tissue and empty bags pushed into the bottom of their purses. When they get the sub sandwich bag out to throw in the trash, make sure that your company name is imprinted onto the bag and therefore onto their mind. Not only will they remember you for the delicious sandwich you made them, but your name will be staring them in the face as a reminder that the next time they want a quality sandwich, they will come to you.

We can create custom sub sandwich bags at an extremely competitive cost and this is a cost which most companies will gladly bear in return for the reduction in advertising costs they need to spend elsewhere. Have your company name, address and logo printed onto your custom sub sandwich bags and always be one step ahead of the competition who supplies plain bags for their sandwiches.

Our plastic sub sandwich bags are also super grease-proof so that the contents of sandwiches never end up inside someone’s purse or holdall; they will stay where they are meant to stay, and that’s inside the plastic sandwich bag. ANS plastic sub sandwich bags are also freezer proof so that the end user can safely store their left-overs in the freezer without needing to worry about ‘freezer burn.’ They are also easily stackable, making them space saving as well as competitively priced.

All plastic bags, (sub sandwich and otherwise,) manufactured by ourselves are also biodegradable. This is a cause which is close to our heart; after all if we do not take care of Mother Earth now, she may not be around to take care of future generations. Then let us express our gratitude to those who still value this undertaking of keeping our surroundings green by way of our reusable thank you bags.

Call us today to arrange a free quote for custom plastic sub sandwich bags; you know it makes sense!

To top it all – if you would like to express your gratitude for anything, you may make it possible by way of our thank you bags!