T-Shirt Plastic Bags: Save the Environment in Style

bagPaper or plastic? It is a common question at the checkout at many retail locations. For many years, people assumed paper was the most eco-friendly choice. However, technological advances have created new options for biodegradable bags that are a good option for anyone who cares about protecting the environment. If you are looking for a        t shirt plastic bag manufacturer who offers environmentally-friendly bag options, contact us at A.N.S. Plastics.

At A.N.S. Plastics, we have earned a widespread reputation as a top t-shirt bag manufacturer. We have a team of retail packaging experts and decades of specific experience in the packaging industry. Whether you need small quantities or bulk volumes of wholesale plastic t-shirt bags, we can work with you to deliver exactly what you need. We work with all kinds of businesses—including eco-conscious companies who desire biodegradable bags—and can design and produce the right plastic t-shirt bags, in the right wholesale quantities to serve your business.

With a biodegradable t-shirt plastic bag, you can clearly proclaim your company’s commitment to protecting the environment. Today’s biodegradable bags can break down easily when exposed to common microorganisms. In natural environments, these plastic t-shirt bags decompose into biomass, water, and carbon dioxide. When these plastic t-shirt shopping bags break down in anaerobic environments, such as typically landfills, they produce methane gas. Many landfills in the United States capture methane gas and use it as an efficient energy source. As a result, your investment in wholesale plastic t-shirt bags can be a wise choice for your business and the environment.

As more companies carry and sell “green” product lines, they often wish to reflect their environmental awareness in all aspect of their business. By partnering with a t-shirt bag manufacturer, such companies can get the wholesale plastic bag quantities they need to operate their business at a reasonable cost. By buying wholesale from a t shirt plastic bag manufacturer, companies can secure volume pricing for even greater savings.

A.N.S. Plastics has been exclusively focused in the business of manufacturing t-shirt bags and other types of retail packaging for several decades. We have continually evolved our packaging offerings to meet our corporate customer’s emerging needs. That’s why we manufacture a full line of biodegradable t-shirt bags. In addition, we recognize the power and potential of a plastic t-shirt bag as a marketing tool. To learn more, check out our article custom printed t-shirt bags – a great way to advertise your business.

At A.N.S. Plastics, we know that plastic bags are a necessity for many businesses. We also realize that the t-shirt bags we manufacture can reinforce a company’s social or environmental message, while promoting the brand. In addition, we know each company’s packaging needs are unique, so we work closely with each of our customers to understand requirements, budget parameters, and create a production process that achieves corporate packaging goals. If you are looking for top-quality biodegradable bags from a recognized packaging manufacturer, contact us at A.N.S. Plastics today. We look forward to working with you.