Umbrella Bags

Trying to find the perfect plastic umbrella bag for your place of business? You’ve come to the right place, because A.N.S. Plastics offers plastic bags of all varieties with prices that you can’t beat.

In wet climates where umbrellas are a necessity for those walking in the streets, the dripping off of rain from umbrellas onto floors is a potential crisis waiting to happen. Not only does it add a sloppy appearance to your place of business, but the slippery floors caused by the dripping can pose a risk of injury to employees and customers. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Adminstration (OHSA) falls account for about 15% of accidental deaths. The cost of such a fall on average costs businesses around $22,800 per accident.

Umbrella bags provide a simple solution to this potentially big problem by providing a plastic storage for wet umbrellas. No more dripping with an added convenience that customers will love!

A.N.S. Plastics Corporation provides all your needs for umbrella bags with custom designs and different sizes. You can purchase any of these options at wholesale prices with large or small quantities. You provide A.N.S. with what you need from your bags with measurements, custom designs and order quantities. We’ll provide you with a free quote for your order, so you can compare our prices to other plastic bag makers around the U.S.

The Value of Offering Free Amenities

A big part of establishing a place of business is the small details that create a safe and welcome space for your business. According to surveys, most customers appreciate when businesses offer free items. Let’s face it, everyone loves amenities. There is just something special about having a special storage space for your umbrella while you conduct business. It is convenient, classy and welcoming feature that your customers will love.  

Eco-Friendly and Compostable Bags

A.N.S. wants customers to know that their plastic bags need not be harmful to the environment. They’ve made made sure that there are green options available for companies who want to invest in planet-friendly plastic bags. Plastic bags can be a point of controversy for many people, but in reality they are a low energy and resource item to make. The cost of placing a wet umbrella in a plastic bag surely is cheaper than the amount of resources it takes to treat a customer who tripped on a wet floor.

In any event, if you are environmentally conscious, we offer compostable bags and recyclable bags. These bags will project a positive image to your customers while also addressing concerns about how plastic bags may impact the environment.  This is what A.N.S. offers to help make a positive difference in the world

If you are ready to invest in wholesale plastic bags be sure to contact A.N.S. plastics. They will answer any specific questions you have regarding your potential investment in your business via purchasing plastic bags.