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3 Imprinting Processes to make Custom Plastic Bags

Customers love customized shopping bags. A shopping bag customized with your brand’s identity acts as your ambassador to invite more clients to your product or service. This calls for greater attention to the design of your custom plastic bags.

One important thing to consider is the method of imprinting your logo on the plastic bag. There are many printing methods available for printing on plastic bags but the choice you make will depend upon your needs and budget. Here is a quick look, so that you can decide which one you want to make your custom bags.

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses premixed ink call spot colors for printing. A screen is placed between the plastic bag, and the brush or printer to transfer the logo. The screen contains the inverse of the image to be printed. The image is transferred by spreading the ink across the screen.

Screen printing is considered the most cost-effective printing method for custom plastic bags.

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows you to print in all colors. The image is printed by a digital printer that uses ink, which is technologically controlled. Digital printing is expensive but perfect for detailed printing.


If you want your logo in 3D, this is the method of printing a 3D logo on plastic bags. In embossing, a metallic object of the logo is made and heat and pressure are used for transferring the image to the bag.

There are some other printing processes but your personal preference and budget are the primary factors to consider. Any method you choose should ensure that the resulting image represents the quality of your brand.

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