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A Brief Discussion On Poly Mailers – Part 1

Poly mailers, popularly known as bubble mailers, poly bags, mailing bags, and so on have gained immense popularity in the e-commerce shipping industry. They are one of the most common and cost-effective packaging solutions to shipping several e-commerce products. Owing to their durability and weather-proof ability, they can protect a variety of e-products at a lower cost than corrugated cardboard packaging. They are easy to store and can be customized with attractive design components to boost your business brand. Would you like to know more about them? This post discusses what are poly mailers and their types in detail. Read the post till the end.

A Quick Overview of Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are thin, lightweight, yet sturdy plastic bags made from a moisture-resistant polyethylene film. These bags have a self-sealing fold-over lip, reducing the need for tape so that the shipping label can be fixed directly onto the bag. These bags offer strong resistance against dirt, dust, moisture, and tampering which helps the customer receive their parcel in perfect condition. They come in different sizes and styles and typically come in two colors– white or gray.

What Are the Types of Poly Mailers?

Different types of poly mailers are in use today, and the type to choose is entirely based on the requirement. Whether that’s to showcase your brand, be environment-friendly, save money, or add little protection to your product, poly mailers are an ideal choice.

  • Lay-Flat Poly Mailers: These poly mailers are basic than other types. As the name implies, they are essentially flat bags with no bubble padding. Thus, they can hold anything ranging from books to magazines to clothes and other lightweight products. Lay-flat poly mailers are one of the most cost-effective options available and best-suited for several products that don’t require cushion-like bubble wrap. They are only used to cover the product but don’t offer much protection.
  • Expansion Poly Mailers: They are heavy-duty poly mailers with expandable side gussets, allowing to store bulkier items with ease. Due to the extra high-strength layer, these standard poly mailers keep the product secure even if the bag is over-packed. Like other types of mailers, they are also highly resistant to dirt, dust, moisture, etc. They are perfect for shipping large products like catalogs, jackets, hoodies, binders, and more.
  • Bubble-Lined Poly Mailers: These poly mailers are similar to lay-flat poly mailers, but the only difference is that they come with layers of bubble wrap inside. They are ideal for sending fragile items that don’t need a fully packed box but need extra protection. They are preferred for sending products like jewelry pieces, small electronic devices or components, delicate books, and for those products that you are worried could get scratched.
  • Eco-friendly Poly Mailers: As the name implies, they are biodegradable and recyclable. For eco-conscious brands, eco-friendly poly mailers are a great choice as they are safe for both customers and the environment, and help minimize waste and maximize the use of renewable energy in the production process.
  • Clear View Poly Mailers: These mailers are completely transparent, allowing an excellent product display at the time of arrival. Also, the backside of the mailer is opaque for labeling, postage, and the necessary shipping information. They are self-sealable with easy use and stick strips. They are widely used for shipping magazines, brochures, and other print materials.

Not every product needs to be shipped in big and heavy boxes. Poly mailers are the perfect packaging option for small and medium e-commerce businesses to save money while ensuring product security. ANS Plastics offers a variety of reusable and recyclable plastic bags.