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Important Questions to Ask When Employing Custom Poly Bag Manufacturer

Poly bags or plastic bags have gained immense popularity for several years now. Owing to their versatility, easy accessibility and reliability, they have found uses across industries. Many businesses use them as a promotional tool, while some hand out gifts in these bags. Today, almost every industry uses poly bags in a myriad of ways. Realizing the growing demand for poly bags, it is essential to get them manufactured by an industry leader who will produce and deliver the final product as per the requirement. Employing an appropriate poly bag manufacturer ensures that the product fulfils your expectations in terms of quality, cost, and delivery. But, what all questions will you ask before employing a poly bag manufacturer? This post highlights some important questions that will help you choose the right poly bag manufacturer. So, stay tuned.

5 Questions You Should Ask a Poly Bag Manufacturer

Here is a list of a few important questions you should ask before making any decision about choosing a custom poly bag manufacturer as a partner. Let’s have a look at them.

Question 1: Where Are Plastic Bags Produced?

Greenhouse gas emissions are a big concern because of the increasing manufacture and use of plastics among many other factors. People across the globe are suffering from the problem caused by poly bag manufacturing. So, aside from knowing where they come from, it is also important to know where they end up- in landfills, oceans, and so on. Lots of manufacturers buy various types of virgin resins each day to make various plastic products including bags. From these manufacturers, it is sent to restaurants, malls, retail stores, and wholesale plastic shops. Therefore, it is important to partner with a manufacturer who makes durable, and recyclable plastic bags which can be used multiple times and then recycled.

Question 2: What Are the Customization Options for Materials and Design Features?

You might have a clear idea of the poly bag that you would like to manufacture. But, you never know how packaging needs will evolve in the future. To keep up with the latest packaging demands, it is essential to involve the manufacturers who offer infinite designing and material options. You can ask if the manufacturer can accommodate the polybag as per the material type, size and shape you required. Next, check the manufacturers’ ability to add extra features such as zippers, pockets, and more.

Question 3: Can Poly Bags Be Reused and Recycled?

Poly bags can be widely used in several industrial operations. They can be used for carrying essentials, packaging materials, storing waste or less important things, and more. Therefore, you should ask the manufacturer how many times the bag can be used and how they tested its durability. Also, check the type of plastic used and its thickness. By understanding the growing concern of plastic recycling, you must ask where and how poly bags can be recycled. Plastic recycling is by far the best option to protect the environment than disposing of them to pollute the earth and affect the animals who consume it.

Question 4: Do You Accept Minimum Order Quantity?

Poly bags can be designed for a specific purpose such as they could act as a promotional giveaway or could be thank you gift for your customers, and more. In such cases, you need to finalize the total number of bags you required at the initial stage. If the quantity is less, then you should ask the manufacturer that they can accept and produce the minimum quantity or not. This will give you a clear idea of whether the bag manufacturer is a good fit for your budget as well as your need.

Question 5: How Do You Deal with Unhappy Clients?

Experience is one of the important considerations when choosing a custom poly bag manufacturer. However, things go wrong even with experienced or industry experts. Before you choose any poly bag manufacturer, do check their return and refund policies. This would not only save your money but significant time in the long run. By doing so, you can easily avoid wastage of money for products you do not agree with or are happy with.

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