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Latest Sustainable Plastic Packaging Trends For 2021

We are already in the year 2021. The year 2020 has brought several changes to our lives. The world has seen the pandemic and certainly, it has only got us thinking about a sustainable lifestyle. Since sustainable food, sustainable goods have taken over the market, the sustainable packaging trends for 2021 deserve special mention, too. This way, a healthier, and environment-friendly lifestyle can be accomplished. Well, are you aware of such sustainable plastic packaging trends for 2021? If not, then this post is for you. This post discusses the plastic packaging trends that everyone can pick up on in 2021.

Healthier and Environment-Friendly Packaging Trends for 2021

In 2020, the deliveries of packaged food, medicines, and medical products, sanitation supplies, etc. have increased rapidly. Owing to flatten-the-curve measures, doorstep deliveries, online orders, etc reached a higher scale and a higher amount of plastic was being utilized for packaging deliverables. Although the importance of packaging cannot be ignored, it can be turned sustainable by using the following packaging trends for 2021.

  • Eco-Friendly Plastic Packaging: Using eco-friendly plastic bags is one of the biggest trends to be adopted. The eco-friendly plastic bags feature petroleum-free plastic material which offers similar strength and durability as the regular plastic. These bags are 100% degradable. The eco-friendly plastic is made from a significant portion of the post-industrial waste and can disintegrate completely within 240 days of disposal. Owing to the eco-friendly properties of these plastic packaging bags, these bags are trending in 2021. These bags are suitable to use for food items, medicinal and pharmaceutical goods, retail items, etc.
  • Bio-Bags Packaging: Bio-bags are made from biodegradable plastic materials. Using these bags for packaging food, grocery, and utility items can be helpful to maintain environmental balance as these types of plastic materials are disintegrable. These biodegradable, compostable plastic materials can be disintegrated by using Oxo-biodegradation technology, which can easily disintegrate the plastic without forming any harmful byproducts like methane. Therefore, using such bags for packaging is quite a trend to have a sustainable-lifestyle.
  • Personalized Packaging: Personalized packaging has been a trend for the last few years. During COVID-19, businesses are losing their scope for on-field marketing and have turned to digital marketing on a major scale. However, the packaging is one medium of on-field marketing that can be used effectively with customized packaging. Personalization of packaging bags with company logos and quotations can attract customers quite effectively. Also, personalized bags can be used to spread awareness about personal hygiene and protection against COVID-19. That is why personalized packaging is certainly an effective packaging trend for 2021.
  • Smart Protective Packaging: Since 2020, product shipment has faced a massive rise, the concerns about contaminated packaging were also faced. Several products take prolonged shipment, which certainly causes concerns about the packaging material itself being contaminated with coronavirus. That is why the use of smart protective packaging is trending in 2021. The main motive behind this type of packaging is to keep the product secured from contamination, as the packaging can be sanitized and cleaned before unpacking or during doorstep delivery. That is why smart packaging bag designs that can prevent products’ contracts from the external atmosphere during shipment will be trending in 2021.

Now that the significant sustainable plastic packaging trends for 2021 are discussed, it is essential to source the packaging material from the trusted manufacturers only. The prominent plastic bag manufacturers like ANS Plastic Corp offer authentic bio-bags, eco-friendly plastic packaging bags, with personalization and smart designs. The company offers high-quality eco-friendly customized plastic bags with smart designs like t-shirt bags. The company invests in plastic degradation technologies like Oxo-biodegradation, in order to offer eco-friendly packaging and plastic disposal services to their clients.