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Reusable Grocery Bags: How Can Businesses Boost Their Profits Using Them

Sales and profits are two keywords that drive businesses worldwide. However, these two are a combination of various factors such as quality of the product, quality of customer service, requirement or demand, and affordability. In addition to this, making a good impact on a customer is equally necessary. To maintain the balance, most businesses have been investing in small, yet user-friendly giveaways such as reusable plastic shopping grocery bags. These bags have been popular among businesses of all types and sizes. What makes them a smart choice and how do they contribute to the sales and profits of any business? Read this post to find answers.

How Reusable Plastic Grocery Bags Help Improve Business Profits

Reusable grocery bags have gained easy acceptance among masses and businesses equally owing to various reasons. They are being discussed here in detail.

  • Shoppers Love Brands That Care for Environment and People: A report by Unilever suggests that one-third of customers prefer buying from brands that are keen on reducing their carbon footprint with positive environmental and social impact. Almost 78% of respondents of the study conducted by Unilever responded for brands that believed in sustainability and focused on environment-friendly products and production methods. There are currently €966 billion opportunities for brands that follow sustainable production goals. Many plastic grocery manufacturers are nowadays using bioplastics or bio-degradable plastics to make grocery bags. These bags easily decompose or breakdown when discarded in soil. Bioplastics are made of renewable materials, and sometimes, they are also made of petrochemicals comprising biodegradable additives, which accelerate the process of photodegradation or biodegradation.
  • Reusable Plastic Grocery Bags Help Reduce Marketing Costs: As the name itself suggests, most people who receive these bags would use them several times. They would start recognizing the brand information printed on them. This allows businesses to drastically cut down on their marketing budget. In many US states, single-use disposable bags are expensive than reusable bags. This is purposely made to shun single-use plastic bags. Also, cutting down on these bags will enable businesses to save on their investment. According to a report by NBC, an average grocery store in the US was using 2.2 million single-use plastic bags every year. With heavy taxes implemented, now the use of these bags has been reduced to just 125,000. The savings, thus made can be utilized for other purposes. The average tax levied on reusable plastic bags range from 2% to 5%. In addition to this, many reusable plastic bag manufacturers offer attractive discounts on bulk orders, thereby assuring good savings to users.
  • Plastic Grocery Bags Enable People to Cut Down their Carbon Emissions: Now, coming back to the first point. Most people love buying from brands that are involved in sustainable production. This is because these sustainable products also help them cut down on carbon emissions. They help them conduct their lives without affecting the environment.
  • Reusable Plastic Grocery Bags Are Suited for All Conditions: Unlike plastic, other reusable materials like cloth have limitations when it comes to application. They cannot be used in environments where they may be subjected to moisture or other environmental elements. Against this, reusable plastic bags can withstand moderate heat and cold and can carry more weight than other bags.
  • Plastic Grocery Bags Assure Flexibility of Marketing: What does this mean? There are lots of limitations in printing when it comes to other types of materials. However, plastic supports all types of printing, and marketers can utilize the area on the bag for printing important information in colors or styles they choose.
  • They Can Be a Part of Interesting Campaigns: Yes, you have heard it right! It is often said that social media posts are the best way to engage customers with your brand. However, they can be kept glued through various campaigns centered on these bags such as offering small discounts to people who bring their reusable bags; allowing people to safely deposit their used grocery bags offered by you in bins for recycling; or designing a contest for people who may use it longer than expected.

Although this post covers all the major reasons why you should invest in reusable grocery bags, you will realize more benefits once you invest in them. If you wish to invest in these bags you must partner with a trusted reusable plastic grocery bag manufacturer like ANS Plastics. The company provides these bags in different designs and specifications to meet your application requirements.