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T-Shirt Bags and Their Interesting Applications Discussed

T-shirt bags, almost everybody must have heard about them. In fact, most of us use these bags on a regular basis. That is how popular these bags are. Although most of us pretty much use T-shirt bags for groceries and retail shopping, these bags can be used for several other applications. However, before you start using them for various reasons, it is important that you know what exactly the t-shirt bags are, why they are called t-shirt bags and what all applications they are used at. This post discusses it all.

What are T-shirt Bags?

These plastic bags are named T-shirt bags because they look like sleeveless t-shirt. The origin of these t-shirt bags goes back to the mid-1960s. During the 1960s, a Swedish company Celloplast came up with the concept of t-shirt bags. These bags are sealed from the bottom and the handles resemble two arms of sleeveless t-shirts. The patent of t-shirt bag design also remained with Celloplast however since the 1980s, these bags are being used in the US commercial market on a wide scale.

In recent times, t-shirt bags have become an integral part of the commercial and retail market. However, their scope of application leads beyond just shopping. Let us discuss how you can use these t-shirt bags for various applications.

Where Can You Use T-shirt Bags?

The t-shirt bags can be used for the following applications.

  • Retail Shopping: Carrying goods during retail shopping is certainly the primary application of t-shirt bags. These bags are ideally designed for carrying groceries and therefore can be used quite effectively to carry light and heavy goods.
  • Paint Guards: These bags can be used as paint guards. You can spread them over the flooring and furniture to prevent paint splatters on them. To use these bags as paint guards, you do not need new bags, you can use the used or slightly damaged bags for the same.
  • Coating Marinated Food: Coating marinated food by using these bags instead of wrapping sheets can be an economic and handy application of t-shirt bags.
  • Jar Seals: To prevent leakage of liquids from the jars, the lids can be sealed with t-shirt bags.
  • Wiper Protectors: In the snowy or rainy seasons, the wipers can be wrapped with these plastic t-shirt bags. This can prevent the wiper blades from the damaged.
  • Gardening: The t-shirt bags can be placed inside the plantation pots to prevent the spilling of soil. This can also prevent leakage of muddy water from the plantation pots. This can help in holding water in the soil for a longer duration.

The list of secondary applications of t-shirt bags is ever ending. However, no matter for what the bags are used, the quality of t-shirt bags must be ensured. For the same reason, you should buy the t-shirt bags from only reliable manufacturers like ANS Plastic Corp. The company offers high-quality t-shirt bags made from HDPE and LDPE materials. They also offer custom printing services. Their 50 years of experience add value to the quality of their services.