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Things You Need to Consider While Selecting a Font for Your Branding Logo

When it comes to designing a logo for your brand, the font becomes one of the important consideration factors. The font is important because when it comes to branding, the name of your business must be the center of attraction in the logo. Since logo works as a timeless medium of business branding, it is essential to design a logo for utmost branding possibilities. The logos don’t change often, once finalized, the logo lasts for years and serves as the visual identity of the business. Therefore, the font on the logo becomes a timeless consideration as well. Thus, selecting the font on the branding logo is very important and a crucial consideration. This post discusses the factors one should consider while selecting a font for the logo as the font contributes to the effectiveness of the logo.

Factors that Matter During the Font Selection for Branding Logo

Considering and implementing the following factors during the selection of the font for the branding logo can make the design aesthetically appealing and effective.

  • Consider Your Brand Personality: Brand personality is the way your brand is presented in the market. A logo helps to establish the brand personality. In the logo, factors like colors, shapes, graphics, and fonts contribute to the brand personality. All these factors must complement the brand personality and brand ethics. Therefore, the font must be considered according to the brand personality. For example: If the brand presents a cheerful concept, the font must evoke a happy feeling within a viewer.
  • Keep it Simple and Readable: The brand name must be readable. This means the font must be readable. It is important to test the readability of the font on digital logos and print media as well. Too stylish or running fonts may be aesthetically appealing but if the text isn’t readable, the design is of no value. The font ideally should be readable on-screen, off-screen, and from a considerable distance.
  • Font Psychology: Each font is designed based on the concept of font psychology in typology. Considering font psychology can help in analyzing if the font can be appealing to human eyes. It is essential to consider how humans are attracted to the logo and the font. The font psychology helps in understanding how the viewers may react to the marketing activities by looking at the brand logo and its font.
  • Consider Printability: The logos are printed on promotional resources such as shopping bags, boxes, hoardings, etc. If the font is not suitable for print media, the brand logo may fail to make an impact. Always ensure the right font size is used and it doesn’t overpower or undermine the logo in any way. That is why the font for the brand logo must be selected after considering printability.

Although all these factors are considered, it is also important that the logo and font are aesthetically appealing enough. This means the aesthetics and functional effectiveness of the brand logo must go hand in hand. To accomplish the same, the following fonts can be considered.

Selective Fonts for Branding Logos

Serif fonts are a great choice for branding logos. The history of these fonts goes back to the 19th century. These fonts are used by several logo designers because they satisfy the requirements of readability, printability, and aesthetics together. The following are a few serif fonts that can be used for designing logos.

  • San-serif
  • Helvetica
  • Arial
  • Open Sans
  • Source Sans Pro
  • Roboto

Note: The above-listed fonts are only a few options to choose from. You can select suitable fonts, as thousands of fonts are available. Many fonts can fit the requirements of brand personality, readability, and aesthetics.

Since readability and printability are two essential factors of a brand logo and its font, the actual printing quality also impacts the final product. Although logos are used on various marketing materials, they are most popularly used on customized shopping bags. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of promotional shopping bags, then ANS Plastics Corp is one of the best options. The company offers customized shopping bags with logos and several graphics printed on them. The quality of their printing adds value to the presentation of the logo and fonts on the bags. They offer brand-specific, customized shopping bags, t-shirt bags, bio-bags, and so on.