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Custom Shopping Bags Enhance the Shopping Experience for Customers: Give Them What They Want

How often do your customers receive a “wow” experience when they visit your store? What are you doing in order to give them one? Research suggests that a good experience is something you can and should deliver:

  • Approximately 35% of shoppers have an extraordinary retail experience within a 6 month time period; these shoppers are more likely to tell their friends and family about their positive experiences.
  • Studies find that, in order to deliver an extraordinary retail experience, you have to be able to cater to at least 10 elements that make up the shopping experience – all at the same time.

The elements that make up the shopping experience include things like engagement, resolving problems effectively, managing check-out services quickly, and delivering an exceptional overall brand encounter. Believe it or not, custom shopping bags can be a big part of adding an extra “wow” factor to the experience of shopping in your store.

Here are a few ways that custom bags help you give your customers what they want and turn a trip to your store into an occasion to remember:

  • Convenience. After obtaining their purchases, customers want to be able to easily take them to their next destination, whether it is to another store or directly to their cars or homes. The role that custom shopping bags play here is subtle but powerful; imagine what the customer would feel if he or she did not have a shopping bag with which to carry their purchases. They might become frustrated and refuse to shop at your store in the future.
  • Expediting. While you want customers to stay and browse, when they decide to check out, they expect the purchasing process to be quick and easy. Having a quick supply of shopping bags right on hand makes it easier for your cashiers to package up customers’ purchases and get them on their way.
  • Brand Experience. One of the reasons that customers go to a brick and mortar store rather than shopping online is to receive the brand experience that you promise them in your marketing and advertising. Custom shopping bags help you deliver that promise by giving them a free, tangible item that contains your logo or other design that you choose. You can also put messages on your bags that emphasize your company values.
  • Fostering Loyalty. Directly related to your brand message and values is your sense of corporate responsibility, which can be a huge part of driving customer loyalty. The bags you use send a message as much as the words on them; are you using biodegradable bags that are beneficial to the environment? If so, you could be gaining even more support from customers for whom environmental issues are a key priority.
  • Connecting. Customers may want a speedy checkout, but they also want to deal with a cashier or salesperson who is friendly and who cares about making the shopping experience enjoyable. Offering shopping bags is just one more way to do that, letting your salespeople connect with your customers while carefully packaging up their purchases.

Aside from giving customers what they want while they are in your store, custom shopping bags can help you give them what they want once they leave as well. While the products and services you offer will always be at the top of their minds, what you do to keep your brand there through things like marketing and packaging will help as well.

enhance2Were you aware that 90% of people who receive plastic bags end up reusing them at least once? In fact, plastic bag recovery has increased by 55% since 2005, meaning that more and more bags are being reused and recycled every year. And your customers are finding more and more creative ways to use them. Here are just a few ways your custom shopping bags might receive some extra love after they leave your store:

  • When traveling, many people use plastic bags to store their clothes and separate them once they have been worn.
  • Plastic bags are useful for managing garbage and waste, and can provide an effective way to separate out recyclables.
  • Some creative folks are using plastic bags in their arts and crafts. From turning plastic bags into fabric to weaving it into a form of plastic yarn, you may spot your bags as part of a customer’s future fashion accessory.
  • Due to how durable and convenient they are, many people use plastic bags for long-term storage, cushioning belongings that they need to pack up for a long period of time; this means your logo might be preserved for years to come.
  • Your plastic bags might also become part of the charitable donation process – many people donate their plastic bags to organizations that need them, from food pantries to pet shelters.

What are some other creative ways you have seen customers use your plastic bags? We would love to hear from you in the comments; share your experiences with us.

Creating a good customer experience is essential to fostering brand loyalty and keeping your customers coming back in the future. Custom shopping bags are another element you can add to your marketing, advertising, and packaging formula, and which can continue providing you with returns for years to come.

At ANS Plastics, we are committed to creating quality shopping bags that represent the best your company has to offer. We offer a wide range of products, and can print most logos and messages on any color bag you desire. We also offer biodegradable options, so that you can show your customers that you are environmentally savvy. To learn more about how our custom bags can enhance your business, we invite you to give us a call.

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