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Eco Bags

Eco-Friendly Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Eco bags are eco-friendly plastic shopping bags used to carry food items, dry goods, groceries, and many other goods. These shopping bags offer the same strength of regular plastic bags, without harming the environment. At ANS Plastic Corp, we specialize in a wide range of eco friendly custom printed shopping bags that have become a fast replacement of petroleum-based plastics. These low-cost plastic bags help users and businesses cut down their carbon footprint, without compromising on their weight carrying capacity and durability. We provide these bags in various specifications to meet your application requirements.

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Beneficial Features of Eco Bags: Our eco friendly shopping bags are made of 25-30% post-industrial waste material. They are 100% recyclable, and are 100% degradable in sunlight. It will take them only 240 days to disintegrate completely. These shopping bags can be easily customized with your brand information in colors of your choice. Made of high quality material, they can be relied upon for carrying weights specified on them. Like other plastic shopping bags offered by ANS Plastic Corp, these plastic bags can be reused multiple times. They can withstand regular temperatures, without issues of leaching, odor, or leakages.

Industries Served: Restaurants, Takeaway Joints, Pet Stores, Dollar Stores, Convenience Stores, Italian Specialty Stores, Retail and Departmental Stores, Pharmaceuticals, Sub Shops, and so on.

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