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Plain bags have been gaining popularity as they provide considerable packaging for various industrial segments such as cosmetics, food items, groceries, personal care products, and many others. These bags are made using durable polythene materials. The non-tapped style-plain bags feature a large handle that makes carrying the load easy. Plain bags are 100% recyclable and reusable. Additionally, plain bags can be easily customized, which can boost your brand engagement strategy.


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Beneficial Features of Plain Bags: Plains bags have gained popularity of the years and can be used to carry several products. Made of HDPE material, they are durable and tough to withstand some amount of rough handling. They a high fatigue resistance, which means they retain their original shape even when subjected to flexing, bending, and torsions. These bags are lightweight and can be used multiple times. Hence, they positively contribute to environmental conservation. Plain bags have chemical resistance and do not react with the materials inside. Hence, they are suitable for storing chemical-based cosmetics among other things. Plain bags can withstand high temperatures without any issues of odor, leaching, and more.

Industry Served: Clothing, cosmetics food & beverages, pharmaceutical, retail & departmental stores, and so on.

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