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Ten Creative Ways to Use Poly Bags to Optimize Your Business Profits

Poly bags have been one of the most popular promotional items for several years now. Although there is growing concern over their uses, they never go out of style. This is because these bags are affordable, flexible, versatile, and offer several advantages that remain unmatched by any other promotional item. It is known that many businesses hand them out as gifts, but they can be used effectively in a myriad of ways. What are the different ways in which poly bags can be used? This post answers this question by elucidating on 10 ways poly bags can be used effectively.

10 Effective Uses of Poly Bags to Optimize Business Value

You can use poly bags creatively to optimize your business benefits.

  • Branding: This is one of the most popular uses of plastic a poly bag. They are available in a variety of sizes and material constructions. Utilizing the advantage of modern printing techniques, businesses can choose to print their brand logos and other important information on these bags. They can also use these bags to promote some special information such as discounts, coupon codes, or offers of combo purchases, as well.
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  • Business Giveaways: Perhaps, this may not be a piece of new information, yet, it is one of the most effective uses of poly bags. Do you know even after all these years, logo printed poly bags are one of the popular business giveaways at tradeshow venues and so on. This is because people find them useful to stuff their brochures. Also, customized and colorful poly bags are attractive giveaways at retail outlets. Most people would love carrying around beautiful and neat looking poly bags across the town.
  • Display: Yes, you have heard it right. Printed poly bags make beautiful display items. You can use them at your retail outlets for presentation and protecting the products on display from dust and other environmental elements. Most people would appreciate the displays, which enhance the beauty of the product kept inside.
  • Packaging: Printed poly bags can be used for packaging sensitive items or different types of products, which may damage when exposed to air or external environment for a long time. Today, many businesses are effectively using these bags to package the items that are being shipped long distances.
  • Disposal Bags: In many industries, especially in the medical industry, poly bags printed with special messages are used for the disposal of used instruments or products. They are also used for moving products inside the healthcare facility.
  • Warehouse Storage: Poly bags are used in warehouses for storage or as a packaging tool. These bags are available in various sizes and material constructions, which can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Clothing Industry: Marketers in the clothing industry have been using printed poly bags for decades and in the most creative ways. Many businesses use two types of packaging for securing clothes. For instance, the cloth will be packed in a clear poly bag printed with brand information and the packed cloth would be provided in a separate colorful poly bag printed with brand information. Both these bags, may be retained by customers for various reasons. As it has been seen that most customers love retaining their poly bags offered on cloth purchase to show their brand loyalty. Similarly, dry cleaners also pack clothes in customized plastic bags, which people usually store.
  • Repurposing: Many businesses have been lately repurposing plastic bags to more useful items to minimize their carbon footprint. With growing consciousness on repurposing or using plastic bags, many businesses are encouraging their customers to send their plastic bags to recycling centers and repurposing them to create crochet items such as sleeping mats.
  • Marketing School Supplies: Are you in the education industry? Perhaps, you can best utilize printed poly bags for promoting your brand during education fairs or other education industry events.
  • Food Distribution: Are you into the food business? Perhaps, you would like to make an impact on the minds of your customers with the packaging and taste, isn’t it? Many food brands have been successfully using poly bags for packaging their food.
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However, you use the poly bags, it is important that you utilize them effectively and creatively to seek the attention of your customers. Also, it is important that you use quality bags for the purpose. This is only possible when you source these bags from a leading manufacturer like ANS Plastics. The company provides multipurpose plastic poly bags in various specifications.