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custom plastic t-shirt bags

We provide a broad range of custom printed T-Shirt shopping bags and wholesale shopping bags at competitive-prices and in low volumes. We offer the greatest selection of custom printed shopping bags in the lowest quantities in the industry. Free consultations

ANS Plastics should be your number one choice for purchasing custom printed T-shirt shopping bags on-line. But why? Because we are proud to announce that with us, you will get not only premium quality T-shirt plastic shopping bags, but will also be able to choose the quantity you desire. We make no secret of the fact that no matter which quantity you choose, you will still get the same quality of plastic, not to mention our superb record in customer service.

So what makes our T-shirt shopping bags better than our competitors? Our bags are able to carry a huge number of goods. This in turn assists retailers to sell more of their products to the end-user. Now that’s what we would call a win/win situation. Not only are our T-shirt plastic bags a good size; they are also extremely strong and durable. You may order them in different colors so that you will be able to match them in with your company color scheme and logo, should you desire.

It is also possible to have your logo printed onto our T-shirt plastic  shopping bags and as we can customize the logo to suit your needs, you can be assured that your company message can be carried everywhere your customer carries our T-shirt plastic bags with them. This is an extremely cost-effective manner of advertising your products/services.

The use of plastic packaging has long been an area of concern due to the impact that plastic has on landfill sites across the world. We understand that, and can proudly state that we are one of the few manufacturers of T-shirt plastic shopping bags who produce a bio-degradable product. This is of great importance to the economic and ‘green’ health of our world; but we are so confident in the strength of our custom T-shirt plastic bags that we know that the customer will not be throwing them away any time soon. They are re-usable and will last for months. No more buying one of those cheap bags the next time you do your shopping; these T-shirt plastic bags will last and are far superior to the inferior (and infamous!) brown paper bags seen so often these days.

Because we manufacture our own T-shirt plastic shopping bags, you can be sure that we will do our level best to keep costs down. Should you decide that you would like your logo to be printed on your order, there will also be a minimal one-off cost for the printing plates. That’s it; no hidden fees; no secrecy; we pride ourselves on our honesty and openness. Each case you order contains 240-250 of our super-strong, super-durable, custom T-shirt plastic shopping bags. No frills; no fuss; no hype. Just pure quality, craftsmanship and open honesty. Oder with confidence today.

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