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Stretch Wrap

Stretch / Pallet Wrap

A stretch wrap, commonly referred to as pallet wrap, is one of the simplest and economical ways of wrapping your loads. Made out of highly stretchable low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), they are used to protect palletized products being transported and stored in any distribution center. From keeping products safe in transit to protect them on store shelves, stretch wraps act as a vital tool for getting varieties of products to a wide range of markets. They not only keep the items tightly bound, but prevent dust from settling on items and keeping out moisture, reduce worker injury, and discourage load tampering. With an extremely talented and experienced team of professionals and vast industry experience, ANS Plastics offers high-quality stretch wraps.


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Beneficial Features of Stretch Wraps: There are countless benefits of stretch wraps. At ANS Plastics, stretch wraps are made using LLDPE material which is strong and durable. They are 100% recyclable. They improve shipping and handling efficiencies by allowing you to unitize odd-shaped or hard-to-stock products together. Also, stretch-wrapping is more cost effective than other alternatives such as a heat shrink film.

Applications of Stretch Wraps: Pipe and Tubing Suppliers, Firewood Bundles, Cabinet Makers, Flooring Installers and Distributors, Fed Ex and UPS Shipping, Picture Frame Makers, Carpet Mills, Building Material Centers.

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