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Sealing Tape

Custom Sealing Tapes

A sealing tape is a plastic or PVS tape with adhesive glue on one or both sides. They are used for sealing packs, boxes, gifts, and so on. They are of various types, widths, and colors. At, ANS Plastics, we offer sealing tapes used for different purposes. Commonly known as parcel tape or packing tape, we make these tapes from polypropylene or polyester with a pressure-sensitive adhesive film on one side. This high-quality and long-lasting adhesion prevents the wrapped paper or box from falling, tearing, or cracking.


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Beneficial Features of Sealing Tapes: There are many benefits of sealing tapes depending on the purpose. At ANS Plastic, we offer these highly durable sealing tapes in various specifications. The standard width is two inches, but we also make it in three inches. At ANS, we offer sealing tapes that do not impact the recyclability of a box even if the tape is stuck on it. So, our sealing tapes are environmentally friendly. We follow the standard regulations required in sealing tape manufacturing.

Applications of Sealing Tapes: Packing huge parcels to be couriered, gift packing, box packing, sticking labels on the box, pasting stickers on a wall, container sealing, and so on.