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Know Why Plastic is Better Than Paper for Packaging

The term plastic may nowadays be issuing an alert message in your head, and it’s quite possible. While the world is moving towards using natural and renewable resources, sustainable living, and shunning the use of single use plastic, let’s just accept that it is quite difficult to eradicate plastic totally from our lives. Although we may ban single use or non-recyclable plastic, we can actually safely use good-quality recyclable plastic for certain aspects such as packaging. This offers us many benefits without really harming the environment. This post talks about the benefits of using plastic over paper, especially for packaging.

Benefits of Plastic Over Paper for Packaging Gifts and Products

While paper is a common eco-friendly choice when it comes to packaging gifts and presenting them to someone, it is fine as long as you give it directly and not courier it. Also, it depends a lot on the type of product being packaged. Sometimes, even when giving a package personally, you may have to opt for plastic packaging such as a bubble wrap. Here are some pointers which explain the benefits of plastic over paper packaging.

  • Even if the paper you choose is thick, it may be torn or damaged when the product is in transit. On the other hand, plastic is anytime durable and has a long life. It will remain in good condition unless it is not pierced with a sharp object.
  • Some fragile goods such as the ones made of glass or other breakable materials require a bubble wrap made of plastic for packaging. This prevents the inside product from external shock, vibration, and subsequent damage. Paper will not work in this case.
  • Plastic is anytime more cost effective compared to paper, and more reliable as well. So, there’s value for money.
  • While paper is a sustainable, biodegradable option, it cannot quite be reused. Plastic can be reused or recycled nowadays.
  • While there are attractive options in paper packaging in terms of prints and colors, the same applies for plastic as well. There are many patterns, colors, and prints available in plastic packaging materials too.
  • Plastic is weather friendly, and protects the item inside from damage due to rain, moisture, or excess heat, when being shipped. On the other hand, paper can get wet and damage the product inside.
  • Even if you want to wrap a gift in a nice paper, it is recommended to use a plastic bag for the product and then wrap it in the paper of your choice so that even if the paper is damaged or torn, the inside product remains safe.
  • From the environment point of view, it is best to use recyclable plastic, although you must shun single use plastic. This is because paper making requires wood which if used in excess may lead to deforestation. So, using paper minimally is essential, while one recyclable plastic bag can be used multiple times.
  • Most good-quality plastics can resist heat, chemicals, and moisture. This is not the case with paper.

Plastic definitely offers better protection to the product inside, compared to paper. Are you looking for high-quality plastic bags for packaging either for your business or domestic use? If yes, make sure they comply with the standard norms regarding thickness and reuse among other aspects. Also, ensure they are sourced from a reliable supplier. ANS Plastics is a well-known supplier of various types of plastic bags for packaging across industries. You can order them online and may get them at the best prices if buying in a bulk quantity.