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Why Businesses Use Stretch Wraps for Goods Packaging?

A stretch wrap, also called a stretch film, is one of the simplest and economical ways to protect and secure goods for transportations or storage. Made from highly stretchable low-density polythene, abbreviated as LLDPE, they can prevent the product from being damaged in the shipment process due to sudden movement, improper handling, or various other environmental factors. From keeping products safe on store shelves to protect them in transit, stretch wraps act as one essential tool for a wide range of industries and their products. They are ideal to not only keep the products tightly bound, but also prevent them from dust, dirt, and moisture. Used with manual handheld devices or automatic/semi-automatic machines, it works well for wrapping irregular shaped products that can’t fit into standard boxes or containers. So, why a stretch film is necessary for any business? This post highlights some of the important benefits of stretch films.

5 Significant Benefits of Using Stretch Wraps

The following lists some of the important benefits of a stretch film, so let’s take a look at what these are:

  1. Delivers Superior Protection: Wrapping your products with a stretch film will offer superior protection from several environmental elements such as dust, dirt, and moisture. The film also prevents the falling of goods in transit which are securely loaded on a heavy pallet. A stretch film not only keeps your product clean and dry but also protect goods from sunlight when storing them outdoors.
  2. Improves Inventory Control: Unitization of the same category products helps to arrange an inventory a lot easier. This step helps in reducing the change of product separation, which will make the inventory count time consuming and inefficient. With the clear stretch wrap, you can easily scan the products using the scanning system.
  3. Improves Shipping and Handling Efficiencies: Investing in a stretch wrap will increase your long term efficiency. How? Stretch wrap is an efficient material as it increases packaging operation and also helps increase worker productivity by allowing visual inspection based on color codes or written information on the wraps. It is used in conjunction with angle boards to increase stack height. This also helps maximize the cube space at the time of shipping or storing your products. With stretch wraps, you can get more work done in a day.
  4. Saves Time and Cost: Unlike the other alternatives such as a heat shrink film, stretch wraps are more cost-effective. It also uses less energy to operate than other methods. This will help save time, too.
  5. Recyclable: As mentioned earlier, stretch films are made from LLDPE, which typically feels tacky and offers a moderate degree of clarity. Most of the stretch wraps are 100% recyclable and kept relatively clean. Owing to the material properties they are part of recycling programs. This can help save costs as well as contribute to the environmental cause.

It goes without saying, one little roll of the stretch film makes a huge difference in terms of efficiency. Instead of choosing standard boxes or containers, wrapping packages ensures optimum space utilization where there are chances of potential breakage or damage due to falls or other physical and environmental parameters. Are you in search of a stretch film for your business application? If yes, make sure you purchase it from a leading industry expert like ANS Plastics. From high-quality stretch films to customized plastic bags, ANS Plastics has a wide range of variety.