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Know How to Choose the Best Food Storage Bags

Plastic bags are widely used to store food in refrigerators as well as outside. They may be used to store for storing anything from dry items to meat and veggies. However, considering environmental issues, melting point of the plastic, and the type of plastic used is very important. Having said that, you can store food safely in a plastic bag if you choose the right one based on certain parameters. Usually, HDPE plastic bags are used for food storage and packaging. However, even you need them for domestic use, buy FDA-approved bags. This post discusses certain factors you must consider when buying food storage bags.

Factors to Consider When Buying Food Storage Bags

There have been some fears and concerns about using plastic for food storage since some chemicals from the plastic may leach into the food contents and make it toxic and harmful for consumption. However, there are certain types of plastics which are safe for food storage and you can reuse these bags multiple times. So, as long as you choose the right plastic bag, you can get rid of this concern. Here are some pointers which may be helpful when buying food storage bags:

  • Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) are two widely used types of plastics in food storage and packaging.
  • PET is mostly considered safe but may not be safe for heating or storing hot foods. But, you can consider storing dry foods in PET bags.
  • HDPE is heat proof and can be used for minor heating in microwave ovens. This type of plastic does not leach out harmful chemicals or toxins.
  • At times, low density polyethylene (LDPE) is also used to make food bags, which can be used for refrigerating food items. Avoid heating these bags.
  • Avoid using plastic wraps especially for covering hot foods.
  • Use recyclable HDPE plastic bags. You can use them multiple times; however, once they wear out or get scratches, you can send them for recycling.
  • If you need in bulk, consider buying an HDPE plastic roll which has perforations. They are very good for storing veggies as well as dry contents/
  • These HDPE roll bags are ideal for commercial use as well and can be found in retail stores. You can reuse them at home later.
  • You get HDPE plastic bags with holes on either sides. These are ideal for storing leafy vegetables as they can breathe and remain fresh in the refrigerator.
  • When buying, read the information regarding the materials used to make that plastic bag.
  • If possible, do go through FDA or USDA food handling guidelines which include pointers for storing and packaging.

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