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Factors to Consider When Creating Stunning Custom Plastic Shopping Bags

Customized plastic shopping bags have been popular for several years now. In fact, it would be wise to say that logo printed plastic shopping bags have been a strong marketing tactic for businesses. Customization, variety, easy availability, and reusability are a few factors that make these bags popular among manufacturers and customers equally. However, customization of plastic shopping bags has a couple of fundamental factors to consider. This post talks about the factors you need to consider while customizing a stunning and fashionable yet reusable plastic shopping bag for your next campaign.

Factors to Consider While Creating an Attractive Plastic Shopping Bag

Plastic shopping bags being one of the popular promotional gifts, they are available in various specifications. The consideration of the following points will help you make the right selection.

  1. Bag size and quality: The size of the bag is a primary factor to be considered. A shopping bag for jewels cannot carry groceries. The quality of plastic also makes a huge difference the customization. Plastic can retain elasticity only up to a certain limit, therefore if quality plastic is not used, then the brand may suffer consequences. Factors like plastic sheet thickness must be considered to maintain a good quality of a plastic shopping bag. Therefore, the size of the bag must be appropriate and enable reuse.
  2. Bag styles: A bag pattern adds to the identity of your business brand. For example: For a bottle seller, wine bags can be a suitable bag pattern. However, for a grocery shopping store, the reusable plastic tote bag can be a suitable style.
  3. Handle styles: The handle makes the bag reliable. Some common handle types are twisted handles, loop handles, or die-cut handles. Among these, twisted and loop handles are reliable for carrying heavy goods.
  4. Bag materials: Plastic shopping bags can be made from various plastic materials. The following are some common materials used:
    • LDPE: Low-Density Polythene (LDPE) is a type of plastic that offers resistance to acids, alcohols, oil, etc. This is also very lightweight, which makes it a suitable material for shopping bags.
    • HDPE: High-Density Polythene (HDPE) is a stiff plastic. It has possessed a high melting point over 120-140° C. Its high tensile strength makes it an ideal choice for shopping bags used to carry heavy goods.
    • LLDPE: Linear Low-Density Polythene (LLDPE) is a plastic that offers higher tensile strength than LDPE. It is highly elastic and has excellent cracking resistance.
  1. Personalization for brand: The specialty of a customized bag is that it stands out with its eye-catching brand information. Businesses must consider this factor as an advantage. It is always wise to stick with the colors of your current brand theme when personalizing these bags. This is because people associate graphics and colors to particular brands. They will identify your brand in the crowd due to typical colored bags that a person may be carrying with her.
  2. Minimums, production, and lead times: It is very important to ensure that the bag’s design is convenient for bulk manufacturing. If you are looking for a quick production, it is always ideal to stick with the standard sizes. The company must decide the quantity of the customized shopping bags required. Most manufacturers offering the advantage of bulk manufacturing have set minimums from 500 to 1000 bags per batch. So, you need to check with them before placing the order. Remember, factors like personalization, logo design, and special edition bag production may lead to extra lead time. Complex production may lead to longer production time.
  3. Cost of production: The factors like the use of material, brand status, quality, utility, and so on are considered for cost estimation. If you are opting for some special feature, perhaps the production costs may increase.

In addition to these factors, it is important that you source these plastic bags from a trusted supplier. ANS Plastic Corp is one of the most prominent shopping bag manufacturers in the United States. They have over 50 years of industry experience in custom manufacturing plastic shopping bags and reusable bags. The experts at the company work together with their customers to help them choose the right bag for their application.