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Garbage Bag Buying Guide – Choosing the Right Bag for Your Application

Garbage bags, also referred to as trash bags or can liners, are used for holding and carrying garbage. They are often carried to dock, dumpster, or wherever the garbage is collected or finally trashed. Garbage bags are one of the important requirements in a home, office, or any industrial facility with trash bins installed at various corners. In industrial facilities, you will see trash bins of different sizes, and they can hold different types of garbage. Like any other plastic bag, garbage bags are also available in different sizes. Owing to the differences in their size, construction, and utilization, it becomes important to choose the right bag to match your application requirements.  Although the selection may seem easy, there are certain things to be considered. This post provides insights on how to choose the right trash bag or garbage bag for your facility and a few interesting things about them.

A Brief Introduction to Different Types of Garbage Bags

The trash bags are made of polyethylene material, and mainly distinguished into two types – high density and low density trash can liners based on their construction. The following points will help you understand it better.

  • Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) trash can liners are made from resins of high quality. These bags are thick and can easily resist puncture and tear. These bags are measured in mils, which is 0.001 inch. The bag will be thicker, if the mil count is higher. The bags are available in mil counts ranging from 0.9 mil to 6.0 mil. Of these, 0.9 mil LDPE bags are suited for holding kitchen waste, whereas 6.0 mil is suited for construction debris and are used as contractor bags. 

  • High density polyethylene (HDPE) can liners are manufactured by subjecting high molecular density resins to low pressures. This technique produces straight and tightly packed molecules, which contribute to directionally strong bags. The molecular branches are aligned in a single direction. Although strong, these bags are thinner and not puncture resistant as LDPE bags. High density garbage liners are measured in microns; 1 micron is .001 mm. These bags use lesser plastic than their low density counterparts, so are less expensive.

Tips to Choose the Right Garbage Bag

Garbage bags are available in various specifications such as sizes, colors, and thicknesses. So, the selection may become a little tricky. The following points will ease your selection and allow you to make the right choice.

  • Size of the trash bin: This is the most important consideration you need to make. Let’s assume you would like to buy a bag that easily matches the size of the bin, isn’t it? If you are unable to find the garbage bag in the exact size, it is always better to buy a larger one. Trash bags are distinguished based on their lengths, widths, as well as weight carrying capacities.  You will find the measurements indicated in two numbers – one is the width of the bag and the other is the length. The width is measured when the bag is laid flat. The bag must hang at least 4 inches on the sides of the can. To find the right sized bag, you need to measure the length of the rectangular or square can on all its four sides. If using a round-shaped can, always measure its diameter, and multiply it with 3.14.

  • Type of trash to be collected: Trash is any waste material that is discarded. The choice of garbage bag will depend on the type of trash to be deposited in it. For instance, if your facility produces sharp objects such as wood or glass, construction debris, or irregular-shaped items then it is always recommended to use LDPE trash can liners. However, if your facility produces lots of paper waste such as tissues, or shredded paper then it is always better to use HDPE trash can liners. LDPE trash can liners are ideal for commercial kitchens, construction sites, garages, yards, as well as roll-out trash cans.

  • Color: The trash can bags are available in white and black colors. Most black bags are made from recycled material, which makes them affordable. Black bags help keep the trash discrete and can match with all types of cans. However, white trash bags can blend with all types of surroundings and may not be the choice if you want to keep your trash discrete.

  • Closure Type: Trash can bags can be availed with or without closure. Many manufacturers can provide them without closure or with drawstring, easy tie, twist tie, and so on. The choice will depend on the type of garbage handled.

In addition to the above factors, it is important to source these bags from a trusted supplier. ANS Plastic Corp is one of the leading, experienced, and trusted suppliers of LDPE, HDPE, and contractor garbage bags.

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