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Know About Applications of Poly-Bags in Various Industries

Polybags are certainly one of the most versatile products due to their utility in several applications. They are commonly referred to as plastic bags and are made from various types of plastics like HDPE, LDPE, bioplastic, etc. Owing to their easy availability, affordability, and reliability, just like other plastic products, poly bags have found their utility in several industries. Almost every industry uses these poly bags in one or another form. This post discusses different applications of poly bags across industries.

A Peek Through on Utilization of Polybags across Industries

The scope for the application of poly bags in industrial operations is quite vast. The poly bags can be used for carrying essentials, waste, or other less important things, as well as packaging materials. Let us discuss how different industries utilize these poly bags.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: In the food and beverage industry, poly bags are used for food packaging and delivery purposes. Polybags being water retardants, can be used to carry beverages and liquid food items like soups too. Preservation of moisture-sensitive food items like bread, flowers, etc can be achieved by using poly bags as preserving bags. This will help in moisture reduction, preventing bad-bacteria, fungi, and odor. However, the difference between the poly bags used in the food and beverage and other industries on this list lies in their construction. The polybags are made of FDA approved plastic.
  • Agricultural Industry: In the agricultural industry, plastic bags are used as produce bags. HDPE poly bags are used to store and carry fresh farm-produce and protect it against bacteria, moisture, dust, etc. Disposable plastic bags are often used to collect farm-waste and dispose in order to make fertilizers.
  • Medical and Healthcare Industry: Medical and healthcare industries use poly bags as carriages. Most medicines are packaged in plastic or metal foils, however, many of them are wrapped in anti-UV radiation plastic bags. This helps prevent the damage of some sensitive medications whose chemistry is altered under sunlight. In hospitals and healthcare facilities, polybags are used to dispose of used syringes and other disposable devices.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: The pharmaceutical industry deals with several powdered and liquid materials. Many of these materials demand careful storage, which can be accomplished using plastic bags. These bags do not react with these solutions and also give them a protective covering. In many cases, the powdered or liquid materials may not be directly stored in these bags, but they may be used as a protection for containers or other storage equipment used in the said industry.
  • Automobile Industries: The automobile industry deals with multiple lubricants, and metal components. The lubricants are prone to leakage which can be prevented by using plastic sealed bags. Also, the oiled or dry automobile parts are prone to corrosion. Therefore, poly bags are used as an anti-rusting coating, as well as an air-tight storage solution.
  • Societal Hygiene and Cleaning: In the municipal industry, societal hygiene and cleaning are essential and the most challenging task. Depending on the area, it may involve several types of toxic, poisonous, and pointed garbage. To contain them, most janitors use hard-wall disposable poly bags. The sight of durable black poly bags is common in public places, garbage collection, and domestic waste or industrial waste disposal facilities.
  • Retail Industry: In the retail industry, plastic bags not just act as good carriers, but they also act as a brand canvas. These bags are used by retailers and brands to advertise their products and services. Custom printed poly bags are popular in the retail industry and owing to their affordability, these bags are also considered a great giveaway item.

Now that the applications of poly bags for various industries are discussed, it is important that you source these bags from trusted manufacturers to realize their benefits. ANS Plastics Corp. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of poly bags like HDPE, LDPE, biobags, garbage bags, etc. They also offer custom printed shopping bags that help you in amplifying your brand value.