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Know the Significance of Various Trash Bag Colors

Garbage and waste filling up landfills is a serious issue across the globe and hence much is being done in this regard by environmentalists, experts, and so on. It is dangerous for the health of all living beings including humans, and for the environment. For until many years earlier, wastage was not quite segregated based on categories, it started getting piled up. Also, workers had a huge task of separating out useful or recyclable waste. This also posed a risk to their life and health. Hence various governments across the world have developed color codes for trash bags. Now, with much emphasis on using recyclable plastic trash bags, they also do not land up in the waste after being emptied. Roughly, waste bags are differentiated into two types, biodegradable and non-degradable. However, there are some sub categories such as for food waste, medical waste, and so on. So, color codes are given to bags to identify and collect specific types of trash. This post discusses the different colors of trash bags and their importance.

Get Introduced to Various Trash Bag Colors

Segregation of garbage at the domestic level is key to avoid the menace of wastage. It eases the entire garbage collection system and reduces waste and piling up. For instance, at home if we can separate kitchen waste or bio waste and non-biodegradable waste, the quantity of waste which goes out in the trash bin reduces at the very first level. We can convert kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit peels to produce bio manure for potted plants. This not help helps the plant blossom and thrive but also reduce and recycle the waste which goes out of the house. Here are some trash bag colors you need to know.

  • Black trash bags: These have been used from several years; however, now they are specifically used for non-biodegradable waste such as plastic.
  • Green trash bags: As the color implies, it is used for biodegradable waste which includes kitchen waste, garden waste such as twigs, leaves, and so on. However, if you can utilize much of this at home, it is always a better option.
  • Blue trash bags: These are used for big-sized industrial plastic parts and products, glass, metal, and so on.
  • Red trash bags: These are used for disposing medical waste such as syringes, used cotton, test tubes used for collecting blood, and so on. This needs to be disposed carefully as there is a lot of risk involved.
  • Clear transparent trash bags: These are used for recyclable plastic cans, bottles, jars, and so on.
  • Yellow trash bags: These are used to collect hazardous waste which needs to be handled carefully, such as broken glass and metal. This may even contain infectious substances such as chemicals.

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