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Top 5 Reasons Your Retail Business Needs Custom Shopping Bags

The small business sector is a big part of the American economy. In fact, according to the United States Small Business Association (SBA), there are more than 23 million businesses in the U.S. Together, these small companies account for over half of all sales in the country.

These impressive macro-level stats are good news for small business owners. However, businesses must constantly think up new ideas to keep their name, brand, and message in front of customers. This can pose a challenge for small retailers who need to keep marketing expenses in check.

Many savvy small business owners recognize the value and marketing potential of custom shopping bags. Those companies opt to purchase shopping bags and customize them with their own logo, message, and contact information. Anyone in the market for customized shopping bags should rely on the expertise of a packaging provider with a long history and multi-facet experience. At A.N.S. Packaging Corp, we can bring our decades of packaging industry experience to help you design shopping bags and keep a ready inventory of bags on-hand to serve your valued customers.

If you are a small retailer, you likely understand the many business benefits of purchasing unique shopping bags for your business. We invite you to add comments and offer ideas on these and other topics:

  • What are the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for customized bags for your business?
  • What tips do you have for retailers who want to add custom shopping bags to their marketing arsenal?

We have compiled the top reasons why your business needs to invest in customized shopping bags. If you have more reasons to add to our list, drop us a line in the space below.

Every customer needs one. 

If you sell any type of tangible goods from a retail store front, you need to predict that every customer who walks through your door needs a shopping bag. Other shopkeepers, such as bakers and butchers, also need bags to aid customers in transporting food products. Moreover, restaurants need bags for customers’ carry-out orders and meal leftovers. You should capitalize on this opportunity by selecting custom shopping bags for your business.

Customers do not use reusable shopping bags for every purchase

It’s true that more consumers have adopted reusable shopping bags for their grocery purchases. Research from the Food Marketing Institute reveals that more than half of shoppers try to bring their own bags when purchasing groceries. However, grocery shopping is often a well-planned affair. Many reusable shopping bags fit in grocery carts and may not have applicability in other settings. Plus, shoppers can easily buy more items, or bulky items, that do not fit neatly into their personal reusable shopping bags. You must always be well-prepared with a supply of custom shopping bags to accommodate every customer purchase. Another way to capitalize on emerging packaging trends is to have your own custom reusable shopping bags that feature your company marketing information.

They are cost-effective

While many small business owners would love to blanket their local community with advertisements and other creative promotions, such marketing techniques rarely fit into their budgets. Billboards, radio spots, and television commercials can reach a lot of people very quickly, but are also very expensive. By investing in custom shopping bags, retailers can make a must-have item do double duty as a promotional tool. You can often select bulk quantities of shopping bags, customized with your own logo, and score these effective marketing tools at a fraction of a cent a piece.

They get your name and message in front of would-be customers.

A well-designed shopping bag is more than just a carrying tool for your customers. It is also a memento of their visit to your location and represents your brand and message to potential new customers. Every time a customer walks out of your shop with a custom bag, they are acting as a walking advertisement for your business. Your name gets in front of countless customers who may never have heard about you. Even if viewing your bag doesn’t drive an immediate sale, it can create a positive impression that can future new business. Marketing and advertising specialists have known for years that you need to make multiple impressions to close any type of sale—and yes, your custom-printed bag can serve as one.

They promote operational efficiency

Plastic bags take up minimal space in any checkout operation. They are easy to tuck away under a counter top or place on racks for easy packaging of purchase. Plus, your customer service representatives can easily open and pack plastic bags and save precious seconds during each transaction. Over the course of a day’s business, these seconds can add up quickly. Plus, a speedier checkout process equals happier customers, who can go on their way enjoying your products and promoting your business via a custom-printed bag.

Stock Up on Shopping Bags – Today

open2When you are ready to add a supply of custom shopping bags to your business inventory, you need a packaging industry partner who can meet your unique needs. Whether you want a specific color, specialized bio degradable bags, or a custom treatment of your logo, your bags must be just-right to position your company effectively.

By contacting A.N.S. Plastics Corporation, you are selecting a packaging industry leader with decades of relevant experience. Our in-house experts will consult with you to assess your production set up needs. We can also help you select the right quantity of bags today, and give you guidance on how to reorder bags to ensure you always have your shopping bags available when you need them. Our team takes pride in offering in-depth expertise and top-quality service to all of our customers.

If you are in the market for a shopping bag supplier, we would love to hear from you:

  • What are the top qualities you seek in a business supplier for your retail operation?
  • How do you plan to use shopping bags to meet your promotional and operational goals?

Feel free to ask a question. We look forward to hearing from you.

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