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Turn Your Shopping Bags into Walking Advertisements for Your Business; These Ideas for Custom Shopping Bags Will Excite and Inspire You

As a retailer in a competitive marketplace, you are likely always on the look out for ways to grab more market share, get your name out, and promote your business. What better way to do that than among your existing customers? With custom shopping bags, you can change your shopping bags from bland and average to some of the best advertisements available for your business – all without changing your operations or your marketing strategy, and without breaking the bank.

There are a few distinct benefits to using shopping bags to keep your brand name and presence in front of customers who are already shopping with you.

  • The cost of attracting a new customer versus keeping a current one is a factor of about six to one.
  • You have a 60 to 70% probability of selling to a current customer, compared to a 5 to 20% chance of selling products to a new customer.
  • Your profitability from a single customer increases exponentially over time as that person remains your customer.

The odds of your keeping your customers increase each time they leave your store, not only with your product, but with something else to remind them of their shopping experience with you.

Here are just a few ideas for turning your shopping bags from simple utilitarian pieces to walking billboards for your brand.

1) Put your logo on it. If you are stuck for ideas but want to get started with custom shopping bags as soon as possible, then a simple logo bag could do the trick. The benefit of this approach is that your logo is unlikely to ever go out of style, and you can always use additional leftover bags should you run out of others that are more seasonal or event specific.

Even if you later decide to go with a more unique bag design, your logo bags can be a good standard staple to keep around just in case you need them. In addition, more exposure to your logo imprints your brand on your customers’ minds, subtly enhancing your brand image without having to do much more.

2) Use seasonal or event-specific bags. You can easily add whimsy and movement to your marketing strategy by releasing custom shopping bags tailored to the season, upcoming holidays, and special events.

Not only do these types of bags show that your business is in-tune with its surroundings, they can also serve as advertisements to other shoppers, depending on your location. If you are having a sale, what better way to promote it than by having customers carry bags around announcing to their fellow shoppers that something special is happening in your particular store?

3) Inject some whimsy. Consider working with a designer or one of our professional team members to develop custom shopping bags that will be eye-catching and creative. It should be cohesive with your current brand image or whatever message you are trying to convey, but any shopping bag you develop has the potential to become a topic of conversation among shoppers, and a way to get your image and your name out there.

img24) Explore environmentally friendly options. One of the biggest concerns about plastic bags versus paper or other materials is the environmental footprint left behind. Before we discuss the other options available, you should note:

  • The production of paper bags creates 70% more air pollution than the production of plastic bags, and emits 80% more greenhouse gases.
  • The production of paper bags consumers four times more energy than the production of plastic bags.
  • Producing paper bags consumes three times as much water as producing plastic bags.

As far as environmental concerns go, therefore, there are not many arguments to make in favor of paper versus plastic. However, you should be aware that high-quality bag producers like ANS Plastics Corp now offer biodegradable plastic bags. These offer a number of the production benefits of plastic bags, while offering similar recycling features as that of paper bags.

What types of bags do you prefer to use when you shop? Do you carry a reusable bag with you, or do you tend to accept any bag the store provides? What have been some of your favorite designs and features of bags that you see when you are out shopping? We love to hear from our customers so we can continue to offer more products that you and the people who frequent your retail establishment will enjoy.

5) Enjoy high-volume, affordable advertising. Custom shopping bags are an affordable way to advertise your business, and are comparably low-priced per impression when measured against virtually any other type of advertising available.

6) Don’t disrupt your marketing strategy or your operations. Your company likely already has a process in place for ordering, receiving, storing, and using plastic bags for your customers. This does not have to change – adding the element of a custom bag to your marketing campaign ensures that all of the items coming from your store match your overall message and mission, without disrupting any existing operations. You can easily transition from generic bags to custom bags without any hassle or inconvenience.

ANS Plastics Corp offers numerous options for your need for custom shopping bags, from basic designs with simple printing to more complex products suitable for making a statement. Our bags are affordable, even if you order them in small quantities. We can handle any order, even for just a few bags here and there, making us suitable for both large and small retail operations.

When you decide that you are ready to take advantage of shopping bags that are affordable and branded to your company, contact ANS Plastics Corp. We can help you select the bag styles, sizes, shapes, and colors that you want, and can incorporate any printing that you want to add. Contact us today for bags that meet both your promotional and operational goals.

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