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Why Reusable Grocery Bags Are the Best for Your Business?

Plastic bags have been one of the most important promotional tools as well as daily utility items for several years now. These bags have gained popularity for various reasons; but, they are also threatening in many ways because various studies suggest that almost 4.8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic items including plastic bags are clogging the oceans around the world. Of these, a large percentage of the waste is produced by single-use plastic bags and other cheaper plastic items as they take several years to decompose. Owing to the alarming rise in the use of plastic waste, governments around the globe have imposed strict restrictions on the use of these bags. As a result, now there is an increasing demand for reusable plastic bags. Among the various types of plastic bags, reusable grocery bags have been popular lately. The term “reusable” itself means an advantage, but is that all? No. There is more to it. The various benefits of reusable plastic bags are discussed here.

Reusable Grocery Bags: Why They Can Be a Smart Investment for Any Business

Buyers and sellers both look for convenient gifts that serve their purpose. Printed plastic bags are convenient for both. Users can use them for carrying their purchases, and marketers can use them to convey their messages. Reusable grocery bags have been gaining demand in recent years owing to several obvious benefits that they offer.

  • Environment Friendly: Reusing a grocery bag multiple times would help lessen the impact on the environment. According to reports, every year more than one million birds, sea animals, and turtles die due to plastic ingestion. Reusable grocery bags allow both users and marketers to send fewer plastic bags to oceans. Most single-use plastic bags are made of cheap materials such as HDPE, whereas multiple-use grocery bags are made of quality materials. Production costs of these materials are high compared to their cheap counterparts, but their multiple uses help manufacturers minimize their carbon footprint.
  • Smart Marketing Investment: Today, various plastic bag manufacturers may offer you big discounts on bulk purchases of printed grocery plastic bags. Although you may save on the marketing investments, they may not bring you long term exposure. For instance, the exposure of your brand information is limited to the single use of the plastic bag. Perhaps, most people discard single-use plastic bags after one-time use. However, they will retain reusable grocery bags for several uses. This will give immense exposure to your brand information.
  • Multipurpose Use: As said before, reusable grocery bags are made of quality material like polypropylene, which can withstand several uses and weight. A high-quality grocery bag can be used for carrying gym clothes, laundry clothes, beach gear, sports gear, and other items. Apart from carrying valuables, reusable grocery bags can be used to package valuables, save rollers, brushes, and other accessories, protect your plants during winters, line a paint tray, and so on. So, users will get to see the brand information each time they use custom printed grocery bags. Each time they will be reminded of the brand, and they may thank the brand for giving them a multipurpose gift. Also, they may share this wisdom with other customers.
  • Offers Creative Opportunities: Every year marketers spend thousands of dollars on expensive advertising activities. Reusable grocery bags provide them ample opportunities to promote their brand. For instance, they can use it to promote seasonal sales or for regular advertising. Owing to the advancement in printing technologies, marketers explore creative ways of attracting their customers.
  • Helps Keep House or Office Clutter Free: Plastic bags take up a lot of space in offices and homes. Most businesses hand out cheap plastic bags, which end up cluttering the available space. As reusable plastic bags are made of high-quality materials, which can be easily folded to a bag of half the size and they can be used multiple times. This way people can easily de-clutter their home or office.

There are several more benefits of using reusable and multipurpose grocery bags made of plastic. Perhaps, now you would understand these bags make an ideal promotional and give away items at all times. If you are considering them for the next campaign, it is important to source them from a reputed manufacturer. ANS Plastic Corp is one of the leading manufacturers of reusable plastic bags in the US. The company provides various types of eco bags in different specifications to meet customer requirements.