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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Art Work:

For printed order camera ready art work supplied by customer – no additional charge. Camera ready art work is art work that requires no additional sizing, layout, or design–printed exactly as art work customer provides with no touch up. Art work supplied by ANS Plastics: $96.00/hr ($75.00 minimum charge)

Size Tolerance:

Industry standard – Thickness may vary +or- 10%. Bag size and dimension is measured overall from inside to outside. Size may vary + or – 1/4″ in length, width, or gusset depending on constructions. Packaging is to be bulk unless otherwise specified.

Over /Under:

Customer must accept over / under run of 20 % on order under 72000 bags or Customer must accept over / under run of 15 % on order under 250,000 bags


Due to the uncertainty of the plastic market, all prices are subject to verification at the time of order. Prices are good for 15 days from date of quote.

Plate Charges:

To be quoted upon acceptance of camera ready art work.


UPS OR Common Carrier Paid Customer

Terms of Payment:

Credit Card, PayPal.

Lead Time:

4-5 Weeks.