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A Brief Discussion On Poly Mailers – Part 2

Considering the significance of poly mailers in the e-commerce shipping industry, it is essential to utilize them in your business. The previous post highlighted what poly mailers are and their types. This post discusses the reason why poly mailers are popular and the types of products that can be shipped using poly mailers. Read the post till the end to know more.

Why Choose Poly Mailers?

There are many options available for shipping products such as boxes, apparel, and more. However, they can be unnecessary for shipping certain products. Here are some key reasons why one should consider a poly mailer for shipping instead of a box.

  • Smaller and Lighter: As poly mailers are made of plastic, they are easy to store and transit from a warehouse standpoint. They are small in size means they take up less space in exporter’s vehicles. While transit, poly mailers are something that fit in a mailbox. This reduces the chance of theft than a package that’s on doorways.
  • Lower Shipping Costs: Even when compared to boxes that are sturdy and resistant to damage, poly mailers are offer protection and reduce the overall shipping costs. Owing to their lightweight and small size, they cost less per shipment. Dimensional weight is one important factor in the pricing of shipments. A pricing technique utilizes by shipping carriers is based on its calculated dimensional weight or the actual weight of the package. This way, carriers charge more money even for a lightweight package. Therefore, e-commerce companies focus on keeping the package small and light. Poly mailers require lesser space as compared to boxes. Thus, it reduces dimensional weight and saves costs.
  • Custom Branding: Custom printed poly mailers help your brand stand out in the crowd. It is one of the excellent media for marketing your business and brand. Like other shipping solutions, poly mailers also include your brand logo and important information about your brand.
  • Environment-Friendly: Many of us have doubts in mind that poly mailers are a threat to the environment. But this is not true. Today, many companies offer eco-friendly poly mailers that are easily recycled and biodegradable.
  • Maximize Security: Packages are bound to get damaged while transit, which can be prevented in many cases with bubbled-lined poly mailers. These poly bags provide an extra layer of protection for products. They are the best alternative if you are worried about regular poly bags that may damage certain items.

Which Products Can Be Shipped Using Poly Mailers?

The following are a few types of products that can be shipped using poly mailers.

  • Clothes and Fabric-Based Products: Poly mailers are great for clothes and fabric-based products. The list includes face masks, bedding products, sheet sets, yarn, swatches, and many more.
  • Apparel: Like clothing, poly mailers are best suited for apparel orders. One can use these bags for fulfilling orders of products such as shirts, jeans, or footwear that aren’t at risk of being crushed when in transit.
  • Health, Beauty, and Wellness Products: Products like liquid eyeliner, lipsticks, vitamins and supplements, nutrition products, cosmetics can be easily shipped using poly mailers as long they are sealed tightly.
  • Books, Magazines, and Printed Media: A bubbled-lined poly mailer provides extra security required to prevent dents and rips in a book, and hence is useful when shipping magazines, books, and other printed media.

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